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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : The You Can Dig It ! (YCDI) is just like the augers I see on TV, isn’t it ?
A : No, the YCDI ! is NOT an auger. The YCDI ! is different, here’s why :

  • it does not tangle or twist around the underground objects it contacts
  • it does not have a sharp tip that can puncture tubing, pipe and cables
  • it makes a clean and concise hole for planting without ripping through compact areas

Q : Can I use my YCDI ! for blending in the kitchen ?
A : The YCDI ! is not recommended for kitchen use. The metal is not suitable for processing food.

Q : Does my YCDI ! need any special care ?
A : No, this is a durable American Made product that will serve well for many years of digging.

Q : How can a tool spinning in the ground NOT ruin cable and tubing ?
A : The leading end on the YCDI ! tool is not sharp so it does not puncture what it contacts. The curved design of the digging head pushes obstacles away rather than engages them in the spinning.

Q : Will my YCDI ! rust ?
A : Yes, the YCDI ! tool will exhibit signs of rust when exposed to moisture. Most garden tools are made of steel, the 1018 grade of carbon steel used is very durable. You can rub a little oil on it to keep it rust-free.

Q : Will the YCDI ! dig in clay and granite soils ?
A : The YCDI is not a rototiller. It will function well in areas that are already set up for planting or have plants actively growing.

Q : Is there a warranty with the YCDI ! tool ?
A : YES ! The YCDI ! tool has a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, return it with the receipt and we will replace it at NO CHARGE.

Q : Where did you get the idea for this ?
A : A wedding for friends in the yard prompted the need for some serious color and accent plantings. We started with an egg beater from an old kitchen mixer. The blades kept collapsing, but the potential was there. After a couple of initial prototypes, the current model was set.


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